Saturday, November 24, 2012

Not everything is wrong with Spain when it comes about the Jews.

One of the most notorious crimes committed against the Jewish people across History took place here in Spain: the 1492 Alhambra Decree, issued by the Catholic Monarchs, which obliged Spanish Jews to leave the country or to convert to Christianity. It is not exactly known how many had to leave or to convert involuntarily, but descendants of exiled Jews can now receive the Spanish citizenship through a shortener, expedited process.


  1. How many years from 1492 to 2007 when this "law" was promulgated by Gallardón?
    The whole thing is a farce if you ask me. No better place for a Jew other than Israel where he can defend himself with his own weapon in his own hands.
    Simple and logical enough?

  2. The best place for a Jew is the place he or she wants to live in. Does he or she want to live in Israel? I support Israel's inherent right to exist as the Jewish homeland. But what if a Jew chooses to live in Spain, Sweden or Canada? He or she should be able to do so.