Thursday, July 12, 2012

Not in Spanish news: refugees with Palestinian backgrounds singled out and rejected by Jordan.

The current civil war in Syria has caused a large humanitarian crisis which includes tens of thousands of refugees fleeing the country. One of the countries bordering Syria is Jordan to the south, so the Hashemite Kingdom is one of those refugees' destinations. Many of those who are fleeing Syria are people with Palestinian backgrounds and, according to a Human Rights Watch report, they're being constantly singled out and rejected by Jordanian authorities, as reported by The Jerusalem Post's Ruth Eglash on Wednesday, July 4th, 2012. Excerpts from the article below:

"(...) The population balance between Jordanians with Palestinian heritage and those without is a contentious issue in the Hashemite Kingdom.

According to the HRW report released on Wednesday, since mid-April Jordanian authorities have been singling out Syrians of Palestinian origin, sending them to holding facilities in or around the town of Ramtha. In the meantime, other Syrian refugees have been allowed to move freely in Jordan if they have a local guarantor."

When Israel rejects a hypothetical Palestinian return to the Jewish State due to the demographic threat it objectively represents, Israel is labelled as "racist". But when the country which rejects Palestinians under the same premise (i.e., a demographic threat) is not Israel, then there is no reason to report about it.

At least, not here in Spain.