Saturday, December 3, 2011

Article on anti-Semitism in Spain.

An article on anti-Semitism in Spain was published by El País on Friday, December 2, 2011, under the title España encabeza las encuestas de antijudaísmo (Spain leads the polls on anti-Jewishness). It was written by Juan G. Bedoya and reads as follows (translated as accurate as possible, between quotation marks):

"'We are often asked why the Jews have been being hated so much and for so long. The question has to be made to those who hate us, not to those who are hated.' This thought by Isaac Querub Caro, president of the Federación de Comunidades Judías de España (F.C.J.E. [in English, Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain]), summarized the IV International Seminar on Anti-Semitism. It was closed the last night at the Fundación Caja Navarra [Caja Navarra Foundation]. Several graffiti in the street insulted those present with phrases such as 'Zionism is terrorism' and red crossing-outs on the Star of David.

'The insults, the graffiti, and the slogans against the Jews are considered something normal, when the truth is that they reflect an underlying anti-Semitism. They're a symptom of a social pathology', Alejandro Baer, professor of Sociology at the University of Munich, had denounced previously.

Jurist Jorge Trías Sagnier, who participated in the debate Penal struggle against anti-Semitism and hate offenses, expressed his repugnance regarding last April [Spanish] Supreme Court sentence which revoked the conviction against four nazis when considering that phrases such as: 'The Jews are destroyers and promote the wars'; 'The Germans were wrong for not having burnt all of them'; or that 'They're a pestilent race', don't pose a danger and don't deserve a penal reproach.

Trías Sagnier described that sentence as 'barbaric'. 'Some of the magistrates who passed it are the same who are chasing Baltasar Garzón [a Spanish magistrate currently under a judicial investigation for his alleged missconduct during his own judicial investigation on the crimes committed by former Spanish dictator Francisco Franco], but there was a particular vote, full of dignity, by magistrate Martínez Arrieta', he added.

Jews are just a o.1% of Spain's population, but the anti-Semitism levels are among the highest ones in Europe, Querub denounced. The final manifesto of the seminar concluded that 'the denial of the existence of this anti-Semitism aggravates the problem and stops its prevention'."

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Yo dona on Natalie Portman's comments about John Galliano.

After British designer John Galliano's unfortunate anti-Semitic remarks, Israeli-born American actress Natalie Portman showed her annoyance about such comments in this way:

"I am deeply shocked and disgusted by the video of John Galliano's comments that surfaced today. In light of this video, and as an individual who is proud to be Jewish, I will not be associated with Mr. Galliano in any way."

Nobody could say this is not a normal reaction. It's logical for a Jew to be disgusted by someone's negative comments about Jews (among others) such as "I love Hitler". But María Vela Zanetti seems to have another point of view, at least in light of an article written by her and published recently by Yo dona, a magazine distributed with the Spanish daily El Mundo. The article was written under the title Natalie Portman: un dechado de virtudes (Natalie Portman: a model of virtues). Excerpts from the article below (translated as accurate and possible, between quotation marks):

"So disgusted was the good Jew that she hurried to reject both of the models [made] by the Gibraltarian elected for the Oscars ceremony."

"Poor mechanical doll! She's a conceited chubby person, thanks to the toxic banality of her profession and to the moral perfection of her people, now a cruel stalker of another one, and persecuted and exterminated before."

"There is a popular saying about female Jews which tells: Soft in shirt and crazy at mass, that is, cold and fanatical."

"What could have happened to her (...) the Synagogue? Maybe; I think, as my admired comedian Bill Maher, that religions destroy peoples' lives." [Jewish religion is included in this assertion].

"(...) so, if it can be affirmed that within a human group of 10 intelligent people, nine are Jews, she's not a part of the equation."

This shows how anti-Semitic topics are freely spread by the Spanish media.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Rebelión on the July 22 attacks against Norway (III).

We saw before how Spanish far-left website Rebelión published two articles claiming or implying the Mossad (Israel's intelligence service for operations abroad) was behind the July 22 attacks against Norway (read here and here). At least two more articles have appeared at Rebelión focusing on the same conspiracy theory.

On Sunday, July 24, 2011, The Intel Hub published an article by Saman Mohammadi (a university student in Toronto) under the title Mossad, CIA and NATO Attack Democracy in Oslo, Norway. Mohammadi's article was translated by Ricardo García Pérez and published by Rebelión on Tuesday, July 26, 2011, under the title El Mosad, la CIA y la OTAN atacan a la democracia en Oslo, Noruega. Mohammadi's article reads as follows:

"As usual, new evidence and new information is emerging about the terror attacks in Oslo, Norway on Friday, July 22, that raises suspicions that the event was orchestrated by secret Mossad, CIA and NATO forces.

I call them the coalition of the killing.

Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen reported on Sunday, July 24, that Anders Behring Breivik, the so called lone gunman behind the attacks, has ties with freemasonry and espouses the Zionist agenda. Madsen writes:

'Anders Behring Breivik is suspect in massacre of over 80 at Labour Party Youth camp on Norwegian island and downtown Oslo bombing. Breivik is being called a Christian fundamentalist even though he was a Freemason and supporter of such vile Zionist Islamophobes as Pam Geller and Richard Pipes.'

This fact by itself doesn't mean we should lay the blame squarely at Mossad's doorstep. But it is a piece of a puzzle that we are constructing in the dark, and it will take time before all the pieces are put together.

The other day I was wrong to say only Mossad was behind the attacks in Oslo. I forgot to mention the rogue CIA and NATO as being suspects in the murders.

This is not purely a Zionist crime. This is a crime by the entire axis of evil that has captured Western democracies: the rogue CIA, the criminal Mossad, and the illegal NATO. All their interests were being challenged by the democratic government of Norway.

Investigative journalist Webster G. Tarpley reports in his article Norway Terror Attacks a False Flag, that Norway was getting ready to call off its bombing missions in Libya and stop its involvement in that ongoing war crime in August.

Tarpley also mentions the fact that witnesses reported two shooters at the scene of the crime, casting doubt that this is another 'lone-assassin' terror strike. Tarpley says:

'The presence of a second shooter is of course most inconvenient for the lone assassin theory, since it represents incontrovertible evidence of a criminal conspiracy, the very thing which the media coverage is usually anxious to avoid. In the Norwegian case, the reports of a second shooter seemed to be persistent enough 36 hours after the main event so as to hold out some hope that the entire official version can be brought down on this particular.'

So, Norway made itself a democratic enemy of Israel by supporting the Palestinian effort for statehood in the United Nations in September, and a democratic enemy of the CIA and NATO because it no longer wanted any part in the takeover of Libya's oil fields.

Read this June 10 article, Norway to quit Libya operation by August, for more information on Norway's decision to quit the Libya war.

Norway was attacked by the corrupt and secret forces behind the CIA, NATO and Mossad for refusing to go along with their overall agenda. They figured they could kill two birds with one stone by bringing Norway back into line on the issue of Israel-Palestine and Libya. What we are witnessing is the strategy of tension playing out in Norway.

II. The Return of The Gladio Villains.

During the Cold War, secret NATO 'Gladio' networks carried out false flags attacks in European cities that were falsely blamed on leftist groups and which were intended to create an atmosphere of fear.

The chief beneficiaries of the terror attacks were government security forces, intelligence agencies, and ruling political coalitions.

But state violence and state terror will not bring down the voice of the people of Norway and its democratic government. After the attacks, Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg said:

'No one will bomb us to silence. No one wil shoot us to silence. No one will ever scare us away from being Norway. You will not destroy us. You will not destroy our democracy or our ideals for a better world.' – (At a press conference in Oslo. Quote from BBC's report As it happened: Norway attacks).

God bless Norway and god bless freedom. The criminals in the CIA, Mossad and NATO have to pay for this crime against innocent human beings and the voice of the people.

And there is a way out of this dark age of state terror. We have to dig for the truth and then tell it, write it, scream it. We are not destined to be hostages of state terrorists.

We cannot give into artificially stimulated fear, into ignorant peer pressure, and into the blind herd mind that says 'it's a conspiracy theory, you have no evidence, you have no proof that Mossad and CIA are ran by criminals'. Bullshit.

We have all the proof in the world that the biggest terrorists on this planet are in the Mossad, CIA, MI6, and other Western intelligence agencies. They are destroying self-government, freedom of speech, and our basic humanity.

Madsen writes:

'With ample evidence of Mossad involvement in Oslo, it is up to every one of us to report to the Nth degree any suspicious contacts with Israelis or Israeli sympathizers.'

Truth-telling is a task that we must all embrace. We have to bury the nonsensical theory of the 'crazed lone gunman' to explain politically motivated assassinations and terror attacks because it is simply not true. State political conspirators are responsible for the attacks in Oslo and other terrorist attacks in America and the Western world.

We cannot let the rascals and demons in the Mossad and the CIA get away with the murder of innocent people. For justice to be done, the truth must be spoken about State staged terror attacks, and as early as possible, as loud as possible, and as much as possible."

On Monday, August 1, 2011, The Palestine Chronicle published an article by James Petras under the title The Norwegian Massacre, the State, the Media and Israel, which was translated by Silvia Arana in order to be published by Rebelión. This happened on Wednesday, August 3, 2011. The Spanish title of Petras' article is La masacre noruega, el estado, los medios e Israel. Excerpt from Petras' article below:

"The Lone Assassin: A Fascist Superman Travels Faster than a Speeding Bullet Versus the Police Moving Slower than an Arthritic Turtle:

The case for the 'lone wolf terrorist' defies credence. It is a tissue of lies used to cover up state complicity, intelligence malfeasance, and the sharp right-turn in the domestic and foreign policies of NATO countries.

There is no basis to accept Breivik's initial claim that he acted alone for several outstanding reasons: First, the car bomb, which devastated downtown Oslo, was a highly complex weapon requiring expertise and coordination – the kind available to state or intelligence services, like the Mossad, which specialize in devastating car bombs. Amateurs, like Breivik, with no training in explosives, usually blow themselves up or lack the skill required to connect the electronic timing devices or remote detonators (like the unsuccessful 'shoe', 'underpants' and 'Times Square' bombers have proved). Secondly, the details of (a) moving the bomb, (b) obtaining (stealing) a vehicle, (c) placing the device at the strategic site, (d) successfully detonating it and (e) then gowning up in an elaborate special police uniform with an arsenal of hundreds of rounds of ammunition and driving off in another vehicle to Utoeya Island, (f) waiting patiently while armed to the teeth for a ferry boat, g) crossing with other passengers in his police uniform, (h) rounding up the Labor youth activists and commencing the massacre of scores of unarmed youth and finally (i) finishing off the wounded and hunting for those trying to hide or swim away - is not the activity of a lone zealot. Even the combination of Superman, Einstein and a world class marksman could not perform those tasks.

The media and NATO leaders must view the public as passive morons to expect them to believe that Anders Behring Breivik 'acted alone'. He is willing to take a 20 year prison sentence if it means, as he maintains, that their collective action is the spark that ignites his comrades and advances the agenda of the violent and legal far-right wing parties. Facing a Norwegian judge on July 25 [2012], he publically declared the existence of 'two more cells in my organization'. According to witness testimony on Utoeya Island shots from two distinct weapons were heard from different directions during the massacre. The police say they are… 'investigating'. Needless to say the police have found nothing; instead they put on a 'show' to cover their inaction by raiding two houses far from the massacre and quickly released the suspects.

The most serious political implication of the terrorist action, however, is the conspicuous complicity of top police officials. The police took 90 minutes to arrive at Utoeya Island, located less than 20 kilometers from Oslo, 12 minutes by helicopter and 25 to 30 minutes by car and boat. The delay allowed the right wing assassins to use up the ammunition, maximizing the death toll of young, anti-fascist activists and devastating the Labor youth movement. The police chief, Sveinung Sponheim, made the feeblest excuse and cover-up, claiming 'problems with transport'. Sponheim argued that a helicopter 'wasn't on standby' and they 'could not find a boat' (Associated Press, July 24, 2011). Yet a helicopter was available; it managed to fly to Utoeya and film the ongoing slaughter, and over half of Norwegians, a seafaring people for millennia, own or have access to a boat. A police force, faced with what the Prime Minister calls the 'worst atrocity since the Nazi occupation', moving at the pace of an arthritic turtle to rescue youth activists, raises the suspicion of some level of complicity. The obvious question arises as to the degree to which the ideology of right wing extremism – neo-fascism – has penetrated the police and security forces, especially the upper echelons? This level of 'inactivity' raises more questions than it answers. What it suggests is that the Social Democrats only control part of the Government – the legislative, while the neo-fascists influence the state apparatus.

The plain fact is that the police did not save a single life. When they finally arrived, Anders Behring Breivik had run out of ammunition and surrendered turning himself over to the police. The police literally did not fire a single shot; they did not even have to hunt or capture the assassin. An almost choreographed scenario: Hundreds wounded, 68 unarmed, peaceful activists killed and the Labor youth movement decimated.

The police can claim 'crime solved' while the mass media prattles about a 'lone assassin'. The far right has a 'martyr' to mask a further advance in their anti-Muslim, pro Israel crusade. (It is reminiscent of the celebrated Israeli-American fascist mass murderer, Dr. Baruch Goldstein, who slaughtered dozens of unarmed Palestinian men and boys at prayer in 1994).

Only two days before the political murders, the head of the Labor Party Youth Movement, Eskil Pedersen, gave an interview to the Dagbladet, Norway's second largest tabloid, in which he announced a 'unilateral economic embargo of Israel from the Norwegian side' (Gilad Atzmon, July 24, 2011). The fact of the matter is that the Norwegian military has no problem promptly dispatching 500 troops to Afghanistan, half way around the world and providing six Norwegian Air Force jets and pilots to bomb and terrorize Libya. And yet they can't find a helicopter or a row boat to transport their police a couple hundred yards to stop a domestic right wing terrorist – whose murderous rampage was being described second by second by the terrorized young victims on their cell phones to their frantic parents?"

Through publishing these two articles, Rebelión tries to imply that not only the Mossad, but also the Norwegian police, the N.A.T.O. and the C.I.A. were behind the July 22 attacks against Norway, thus treacherously using a tragedy which took the lives of 77 innocent people just to spread more hatred.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Rebelión on the July 22 attacks against Norway (II).

And it has happened again.

Gilad Atzmon, an Israeli-born British musician, novelist, political activist and writer, well known for his anti-Israeli ideas, has written an article on the July 22 attacks against Norway, which was published today by Rebelión under the title ¿Fue la masacre noruega una reacción al BDS? (titled in English as Was Norway Massacre a reaction to BDS Israeli Boycott?). This is Atzmon's position on the issue:

"I learned last night from an Israeli online journal, that two days before the Utoya Island massacre, AUF's (Labour Party’s youth movement) leader Eskil Pedersen gave an interview to the Dagbladet, Norway’s second largest tabloid newspaper, in which he unveiled what he thinks of Israel.

In the course of the interview, Pedersen stated that he 'believes the time has come for more drastic measures against Israel, and (that he) wants the Foreign Minister to impose an economic boycott against the country.'

Pedersen went on to say, 'The peace process goes nowhere, and though the whole world expect Israel to comply, they do not. We in Labour Youth will have a unilateral economic embargo of Israel from the Norwegian side.'

The AUF Labour Party Youth Movement have been devoted promoters of the Israel Boycott campaign, the Dagbladet newspaper reporting that 'The AUF has long been a supporter of an international boycott of Israel, but the decision at the last congress, demands that Norway imposes a unilateral economic embargo on the country and it must be stricter than before.'

'I acknowledge that this is a drastic measure', stated Pedersen, 'but I think it gives a clear indication that we are tired of Israel's behaviour, quite simply.'

Yesterday we also learned that mass-murderer Anders Behring Breivik was openly enthusiastic about Israel. According to a variety of internet outlets, Behring Breivik was a regular poster on several Norwegian internet sites, notably the blog, which is run by Hans Rustad, a former left-wing journalist.

Hans Rustad is Jewish, extremely pro-Zionist, and warns against 'Islam-isation', violence, and other social problems he assumes to be connected with Muslim immigration.

Alongside the UK's infamously Islamophobic Harry's Place and other Jewish pro-war Zionist blogs, the observant amongst us are becoming more and more aware of an increasingly pervasive trend of Jerusalemite internet journals that — ostensibly – like to give the impression of 'rallying for the preservation of Western culture', and of 'standing up for democratic values'.

For the most obvious of reasons, these blog pages are almost exclusively focused on 'the problem of Islam', and on Muslim migrants' 'troubled and reactionary' communities and politics, whilst all the while, simultaneously, relentlessly and forcefully propounding a propagandistic Zionist agenda.

Interestingly enough, other immigrants are routinely depicted on these blog pages as being 'harmless', or as 'positive contributors to society' – you won't find Hans Rustad or Harry Place criticising the Jewish Lobbies, the Lord Levy's or the Russian Oligarchs' disastrous impact on 'Western culture' or on 'democratic values' any time soon.

Gordon Duff wrote yesterday in Veterans Today that the 'car bombing carries the signature of an intelligence agency. Nobody else bothers with such things.'

And indeed it is after all, pretty clear that a car bomb of such magnitude, and an operation of such sophistication is not exactly something a layman can put together with such apparent ease: it would surely take some specialist knowledge, and the question here is, who could provide such knowledge, and such a vast amount of lethal explosives?

I am not in a position at present to firmly point a finger at Israel, its agents, or its sayanim — but assembling the information together, and considering all possibilities may suggest that Anders Behring Breivik might indeed, have been a Sabbath Goy.

Within its Judaic mundane-societal context, the Sabbath Goy is simply there to accomplish some minor tasks the Jews cannot undertake during the Sabbath. But within the Zion-ised reality we tragically enough live in, the Sabbath Goy kills for the Jewish state. He may even do it voluntarily.

Being an admirer of Israel, Behring Breivik does appear to have treated his fellow countrymen in the same way that the IDF treats Palestinians. Devastatingly enough, in Israel, Behring Breivik found a few enthusiastic followers who praised his action against the Norwegian youth. In the Hebrew article that reported about the AUF camp being pro Palestinian and supportive of the Israel Boycott Campaign, I found the following comments amongst other supports for the massacre:

24. 'Oslo criminals paid'.

26. 'It's stupidity and evil not to desire death for those who call to boycott Israel.'

41. 'Hitler Youth members killed in the bombing of Germany were also innocent. Let us all cry about the terrible evil bombardment carried out by the Allied…We have a bunch of haters of Israel meeting in a country that hates Israel in a conference that endorses the boycott.. So it's not okay, not nice, really a tragedy for families, and we condemn the act itself, but to cry about it? Come on. We Jews are not Christians. In the Jewish religion there is no obligation to love or mourn for the enemy.'

The full facts of the Norwegian tragedy are, as yet, unknown, but the message should by now be transparently and urgently clear to all of us:

Western intelligence agencies must immediately crackdown on Israeli and Zionist operators in our midst, and regarding the terrible events of the weekend.

It must be made absolutely clear who it was that spread such hate and promoted such terror, and for what exact reasons."

A photograph showing Anders Behring Breivik with a rifle is shown in Atzmon's article, and under it, we can read:

"Who-What Really Made Him Pull the Trigger So Many Times".

So, Gilad Atzmon seems to see Israel's hand behind the July 22 attacks in Norway. This also seems to be Rebelión's position since this Spanish far-left website published another article by María José Lera (professor of psychology at the University of Seville) and Ricardo García Pérez (a translator) which supports such a conspiracy theory. And now they use Atzmon's article at Veterans Today, translating it into Spanish, in order to imply again that Israel played a role in the tragic events happened in the Scandinavian country three days ago.

I'd also demand Gilad Atzmon to translate the other comments he didn't translate. 3 comments out of at least 41 don't demonstrate that Israelis really think Norwegians deserve what they suffered recently.

Rebelión on the July 22 attacks against Norway (I).

Rebelión (which means Rebellion) is a Spanish website which focuses on political, economic and social issues such as the Arab-Israeli conflict, E.T.A., the Catholic Church, the mainstream media, the Iraq War, fascism and many others, always from a far-left viewpoint.

On Sunday, July 24, 2011, this website published an article by María José Lera (professor of psychology at the University of Seville) and Ricardo García Pérez (a translator) under the title Noruega e Israel (Norway and Israel). It is claimed in this article that the July 22 attacks against Norway happened in a context which should attract our attention, since the AUF (Arbeidernes Ungdomsfylking or Workers' Youth League, the Norwegian Labour Party's youth organization), whose members were holding a meeting at the Utøya island when they were intentionally attacked by Anders Behring Breivik, are among the most prominent proponents of boycotting Israel.

Norwegian initiatives against Israel are then cited by the authors of the article, such as (sources available within the article itself):

1.- An academic boycott proposed from within the University of Bergen and the NTNU (Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet or Norwegian University of Science and Technology).

2.- Statements made by Jonas Gahr Støre (Norway's Minister of Foreign Affairs), at the Utøya island itself the day before the attacks, against the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories and the Israeli security fence in the West Bank. Støre is a member of the Arbeiderpartiet or Labour Party.

3.- Statements made by Eskil Pedersen (AUF leader) demanding a boycott against Israel and the recognition of a Palestinian State.

4.- Statements made by Kristin Halvorsen in 2006 (when she was Norway's Minister of Finance) demanding a boycott against Israel, as well as subsequent divestment measures by Norway against Israel. Halvorsen is a member of the Sosialistisk Venstreparti or Socialist Left Party.

5.- The fact that during 2010, 4 out of 10 Norwegians refused to buy Israeli products.

6.- Statements made by Jonas Gahr Støre supporting the Norwegian recognition of a Palestinian State, during a visit of the Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas.

7.- The Palestinian passport which former Norwegian Prime Minister Kåre Willoch gave Mahmoud Abbas, as well as Willoch's statements supporting the Palestinians. Willoch is a member of the Høyre or Right, known internationally as the Norwegian Conservative Party.

8.- Reactions to the Norwegian support for the Palestinians by the Israeli media and pro-Israeli advocates such as American lawyer, jurist and political commentator Alan Dershowitz, who was rejected by three Norwegian universities when he demanded to be granted the right to speak about Israel.

For more information about Norwegian attitudes towards Israel and the Jewish people, please read Norway, Israel and the jews.

The article by María José Lera and Ricardo García Pérez ends as follows (translated as accurate as possible, between quotation marks):

"It could ultimately be that the State of Israel's tentacles are not so far away from this slaughter; after all it would have not been the first one they commit, nor unfortunately will be the last one. In the end, the Norwegian Workers' Youth League (AUF), the Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs and his whole government have received a tremendous hit.

Those who have positioned themselves the most against Israel's genocidal policies towards the Palestinian people are precisely the ones who suffer the most, previously warned by Israel about their «tremendous boldness»… something which according to the Israeli language means that the price has to be paid."

This is outrageous. While Norway is experiencing its worst crisis since the German occupation of the country during the Second World War, María José Lera, Ricardo García Pérez and Rebelión dare to use this tragedy in order to discredit Israel through implying the Jewish State could have been involved in the attacks against Norwegian innocent citizens.

This kind of perfidy demonstrates how far anti-Israel advocates can go here in Spain.

Friday, July 1, 2011

An analysis of the vocabulary and the images used by the Spanish media regarding Israel (II).

On Monday, June 27, 2011, Público published an article under the title Cinco años (Five years) by Eugenio García Gascón, regarding Gilad Shalit, an Israeli soldier who was kidnapped by Hamas in 2006, and negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians regarding exchanges of prisoners. The third paragraph of Gascón's article reads as follows (translated as accurate as possible, between quotation marks):

"Prime minister Netanyahu, like his predecessor Olmert, hasn't shown a great interest in the liberation of the soldier. Hamas demands the liberation of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners in exchange, some of them being militiamen responsible for deadly attacks and strikes, and Netanyahu seems not to be in favour of such exchange."

Now please notice what Gascón wrote in the fourth paragraph of his article:

"Some Israelis remember that during his first mandate, between 1996 and 1999, Netanyahu freed Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, founder and spiritual leader of Hamas in exchange of three Mossad agents arrested in Amman when they wanted to murder Khaled Meshaal, the leader of Hamas in the exile. Meshaal currently lives in Damascus and Sheikh Yassin was murdered in Gaza by the Israeli aviation during the second intifada."

So, according to Público and its journalist Eugenio García Gascón, Palestinian terrorists who killed innocent Israelis and are currently under Israel's custody are "militiamen responsible for deadly attacks and strikes" instead of "criminals responsible for terrorist attacks", while the Mossad wanted to "murder" Khaled Meshaal and the Israeli Air Force "murdered" Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, in spite of the fact that they were enemies of Israel (as well as criminals) during wartime.

This exemplifies again how the Spanish mainstream media distorts reality when it comes to Israel and the Palestinians.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

On the Six-Day War, the Naksa Day and the Resolution 242.

Today, Sunday, June 5, 2011, Palestine and its supporters commemorate the so-called Naksa Day. Naksa means Setback in Arabic, and the Naksa Day refers to the beginning of the Six-Day War on Monday, June 5, 1967, which led to the occupation of the Syrian Golan Heights, the Egyptian Sinai, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem by Israel.

The Naksa Day should not be confused with the Nakba Day (Nakba means Catastrophe in Arabic), which commemorates the 1947 to 1948 Palestinian exodus from what today is the Jewish State, even though both of the days have one thing to do with each other: all the useful idiots who try to cross Israel's borders unlawfully in order to cause confrontations, intended these ones to delegitimize the Jewish State in the eyes of the public opinion.

The Six-Day War prompted the United Nations Security Council to pass the Resolution 242 on November 22, 1967. This Resolution is usually portrayed as intended to make Israel to withdraw from all the territories occupied in the Six-Day War to the so-called 1967 borders, leaving the Palestinians with the opportunity of creating a State of their own in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip with its capital in East Jerusalem.

Well, the truth is that such claims regarding the U.N.S.C.'s Resolution 242 are false, according to its drafters themselves. Will the Spanish maintream media report clearly about this issue?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Manuel Tapial and terrorism (II).

On Sunday, August 15, 2010, I wrote an article under the title Manuel Tapial and terrorism. Among other things I denounced Manuel Tapial's support for terrorist organizations such as Hamas, which he compared with the armed resistance against fascist Francisco Franco and that against the nazis. I also explained how his language was comparable to that of E.T.A., the well known Basque terrorist organization.

Manuel Tapial was on board the Gaza flotilla when it was stopped by the Tzahal almost one year ago. The organization behind it was the I.H.H., a self-proclaimed Turkish N.G.O., which is also supported by Manuel Tapial. And recently, we could see the Spanish activist meeting Hussein Orush, one of I.H.H.'s representatives, as shown in the image below, uploaded from a Manuel Tapial's Facebook contact (Manuel Tapial is at the left, Hussein Orush is the second from the right).

The text under the photo reads as follows (translated as accurate as possible, between quotation marks):

"Here we are with Hussein Orush, representative of the Turkish I.H.H., a model organization because of his fight for the defense of the Palestinian People."

Can the I.H.H. be considered a model organization? No. It's in fact an organization linked with terrorist activities, according to the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center as well as the Danish Institute for International Studies. Please read their linked reports and you will be able to understand what can be actually seen in the upper photograph: Manuel Tapial meeting a representative of a criminal organization.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Israel never made concessions, according to Eugenio García Gascón.

This time his assertions have been shocking and even insulting. In an article published on Friday, May 20, 2011, under the title Concesiones (Concessions), Público's journalist Eugenio García Gascón wrote about Ehud Barak's statements declaring that Israel is strong enough to make concessions.

According to Eugenio García Gascón, Ehud Barak's intransigence derived on the Second Intifada in 2000, when the truth is that precisely in 2000, the aforementioned Israeli politician, then the Prime Minister of his country, proposed a peace plan consisting of the creation of a Palestinian State with sovereignty over many sectors of East Jerusalem as its capital. The Palestinian response consisted of starting the Second Intifada. Is Ehud Barak responsible for the Palestinian failure to continue the negotiations instead of murdering Israeli civilians as the Palestinians actually did?

The journalist describes how Israel has never made concessions by arguing that Israel's withdrawals from Lebanon in 2000 and the Gaza Strip in 2005 were made in order to avoid casualties to happen within those territories, but he fails to explain why Israel didn't withdrew also from the West Bank (where soldiers and settlers were also killed; just remember the so-called Ramallah lynching or the more recent Itamar killings) or why Israel sent its soldiers to Lebanon in 2006 and the Gaza Strip during the operation Cast Lead at all.

The truth is that Israeli withdrawals from Lebanon in 2000 and the Gaza Strip in 2005 were in fact concessions. The aforementioned peace plan as proposed by Ehud Barak was intended as a concession, as well as Israel's withdrawal from the Sinai in 1957 and in 1982 again were also concessions. And what about Jewish acceptance of the United Nations-proposed Partition Plan of November 29, 1947, intended to create two States for two peoples and to bring Jerusalem's inhabitants the opportunity to decide by themselves what of those States did they want to belong to through a referendum? Was not that a concession, Eugenio?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Manuel Tapial's activities on Facebook (IV).

As explained many times before, Manuel Tapial was one of the three Spanish activists who were on board the Mavi Marmara when the vessel was assaulted by the Tzahal. I spent some time trying to explain how this activist thinks regarding Israel and the Jews to the point that he declared once that my coverage of his political activities on Facebook would be treated as a punishable offense in the form of threats. But since he should be worrier than me regarding the law, I'll continue to summarize his ideas. Translations are made as accurate as possible, between quotation marks.

1.- Manuel Tapial works for a platform called Rumbo a Gaza or, as it is known in English, Ship to Gaza. Apparently, some members of the organization and their vehicles were checked by the Civil Guard (a Spanish national law enforcement agency which is part of the military). Please notice that such a measure is in fact one of the Civil Guard's role, but let's see how Manuel Tapial overreacted (#1):

"What has happened to our fellow activists has no precedents. A legal campaign in which the volunteers are harassed by the Civil Guard, their belongings are 'photographed' and 'manipulated' far off their presence and everything indicates the harassment has just begun!! I call the media to ask the Government why is this harassment happening!!!"

2.- Answering one of his contacts on Facebook, Manuel Tapial wrote (#2):

"Ackbar, the situation HAS BEEN ILLEGAL as they have confirmed to me. All of this is in the lawyers' hands and this week there will be fresh news. We'll report soon. I reiterate that WE ARE LAW-ABIDING!!!!"

Again, Manuel Tapial has failed regarding the law, since it is not illegal for the Civil Guard to check vehicles. In fact, there has been no such "fresh news" regarding lawsuits against the Civil Guard for now. And now please notice what a Manuel Tapial's contact wrote (#3):

"Spain's main interest is not a humanitarian campaign but the weapons, 9 dead people on board the Mavi Marmara were nothing for them, did in fact the media report about it? Absolutely not! It's not interesting the harassment the members of the new freedom flotilla are experiencing as well... but for that we have to fight. PALESTINE!!!"

I don't know where this individual was between May and June, 2010, but yes, the media reported about the Mavi Marmara massively... and from an intentional anti-Israeli perspective.

3.- As Manuel Tapial warned (#4):

"The next week there will be a response due to the situation they have created, we have ceased to recognize the Spanish government as an interlocutor for being actively favourable towards the state of Israel."

As commented before, there was no response, while we still see how the activist tried to promote some sort of conspiracy theory which was answered by two of his contacts as follows (#5 and #6, respectively):

"[This was] the response by the fascist apparatus which rules the Spanish State".

"What has happened to you is nothing new in kaosenlared [an extreme left webpage] the threats, the criminalization and detentions of some of some collaborators happen constantly..."

4.- But such a theory didn't end there. Manuel Tapial even suggested that the Spanish Government shoud be tried for treason and conspiracy in favour of a foreign State, taking into account what the Civil Guard supposedly did (#7). Cristina Soler Crespo and Manuel Tapial wrote about the issue as follows (#8):

"Your lawyer should verify whether there is some way to denounce that offense, before an International Court or the National Court or something..."

Manuel Tapial's answer was:

"We will do so, Cristina, we will do so... ;)"

5.- Manuel Lozano added the following:

"Since there are Mossad agents at the Spanish airports registering Spanish citizens IN SPANISH SOIL before embarking to go to Israel, I already believe everything."

This is clearly indicative of how pro-Palestinians in Spain are vulnerable to anti-Israeli conspiracy theories.

6.- Manuel Tapial finally created a Facebook event in favour of Palestine and against the Civil Guard. At the end of his explanatory text (#10) he commented:

"Let's avoid other GAL!!!"

This is a clear and very offesive reference about the G.A.L. (Grupos Antiterroristas de Liberación or Antiterrorist Liberation Groups), which were formed and maintained by the Spanish governmental authorities between 1983 and 1987. More information about them here.

Maybe another overreaction after being notified by his lawyer he wouldn't be able to denounce the Civil Guard?

Friday, May 6, 2011

Eugenio García Gascón uses Yom HaShoah to criticize Israel.

On Sunday, May 1, 2011, Israel commemorated the 6,000,000 Jewish victims of the Holocaust through the Yom HaShoah, i.e., the Holocaust Day. The next day, Público published an article by Eugenio García Gascón titled Antisemitismo (Anti-Semitism). This journalist's double standard and lack of historical accuracy is more than evident in this article. Please pay attention to the first paragraph (translated as accurate as possible, between quotation marks):

"Yesterday night, during a ceremony held at the Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem, prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu told that the world hasn't learnt the lesson derived from the Holocaust, and compared the Holocaust, that is the Second World War nazi actions against Europe's Jews with the current Iranian threat. It's something which seems to be disproportionate and out of place but all Israeli leaders talk endlessly about Iran, once they see a microphone within their reach, and Netanyahu is not an exception, although Iran is a country which never has attacked anybody, unlike Israel, and in exchange it had to endure aggressions."

So Eugenio García Gascón pretends to make his readers to believe that Iran never attacked anybody while Israel did, and that Iran suffered attacks. The truth is that Iran attacked others in the past and is currently doing so. Its victims include Iranians (real or alleged political dissidents, homosexuals, adulterous and raped women, and so on), Israelis (who suffer attacks by terrorists organizations supplied with weapons by Iran), Palestinians (who suffer repression by the aforementioned organizations) and the Red Crescent (whose ambulances were used by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to smuggle weapons into Lebanon).

Meanwhile, aggressions against Israel are not mentioned by Eugenio García Gascón as the main cause of Israel's defense policies. It's not also told by the Spanish journalist how, while Iran was being attacked by Saddam Hussein-led Iraq between 1980 and 1988, the Persian State received Israel's help; in spite of this, Iran refused to re-establish ties with Israel.

The journalist ends his article by suggesting that complete Israel's withdrawal from the Palestinian territories would stop anti-Semitism worldwide, taking into account statistical data which shows that anti-Semitic acts dropped in 2010, a year after the operation Cast Lead ended. The truth is that Israel withdrew once from the Gaza Strip and such a concession only led to an increase on terrorist attacks by Hamas (an anti-Semitic organization), while reading journalists such as Público's Eugenio García Gascón should be enough to understand that media bias against Israel seems to be one of the actual and main reasons behind anti-Semitism.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spanish Goverment's and media's double standard.

One of the most acclaimed TV programs in Spain is Tengo una pregunta para usted (I have a question for you), broadcasted by TVE's (Televisión Española, Spain's public TV) channel La 1. It gives citizens an opportunity to ask politicians about those issues they consider important or of a special interest. And on January 26, 2009, Spain's President of the Government and secretary general of the P.S.O.E. (Partido Socialista Obrero Español or Spanish Socialist Workers' Party), José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, was the politician invited to be questioned by ordinary citizens.

Rafael Lafuente Blanco, 29 years old, from the city of Granada, was one of those ordinary citizens. He chose to ask Zapatero about the Spanish arms trade, which makes Spain one of the main exporters of weapons globally, as well as about the hypocrisy behind Zapatero's cabinet, publicly committed to peace while veiledly committed to supply Israel and Colombia with weapons (please notice that, according to Lafuente, Israel and Colombia are countries which usually violate human rights).

Spanish President of the Government answered by explaining that the total amount of weapons sold to Israel by Spain equals just about 1,000,000 €, and that such a quantity means that Spain is not one of Israel's main suppliers of weapons. Then, Lafuente interrupts Zapatero's answer by asking: "Do you have any idea about how many Palestinian civilians have been killed by our weapons?" Zapatero answers by telling that Spanish war material sold to Israel was not used by the Jewish State to kill Palestinian civilians.

Another argument provided by the Spanish socialist leader is the fact that Spain is a pioneer country on the erradication of cluster bombs.

Well, on Friday, April 15, 2011, Público published an article, based on another one published by Europa Press (a Spanish news agency), regarding Libya. Both of the articles reveale that Muammar al-Gaddafi's forces used cluster projectiles against Libyan rebels in Misrata. Those cluster projectiles were made in Spain in 2007 (a year before Spain signed an international agreement which banned this kind of weapons), and later provided to Libya. This issue was also covered by The New York Times, and can also be read in El País, in English.

Público's and Europa Press' articles also deal with the fact that al-Gaddafi's forces used Grad rockets during their operations. The two articles provide explanations about these type of rockets regarding their use by al-Gaddafi's forces, including civilians killed and locations attacked by them, as well as their design and technical data.

Now please notice that:

i) The P.S.O.E. has been very critical towards Israel, especially during the 2006 Lebanon War and the 2008-2009 operation Cast Lead. Spain's socialist leader, who is the President of the Goverment since 2004, admitted to have provided Israel with weapons, and justified it by explaining that those weapons were not used to kill innocent civilians. But at the same time, the socialists, while governing the country, sold nothing less than cluster ammunitions to the Libyan regime.

ii) Público and Europa Press explained in detail how the Grad rockets have been used by al-Gaddafi's forces, how these rockets affected civilians and infrastructures in Misrata and how these rockets were designed. But at the same time, neither Público nor Europa Press depicted in such detail how Israel has been being attacked with al-Qassam and Grad rockets, as well as mortars, during the last months.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Eugenio García Gascón on the religion in Israel (I).

Yoram Cohen was appointed new Shabak director. The Shabak (an acronym for Sherut haBitahon haKlali or General Security Service), formerly known as the Shin Bet, is Israel's security service for operations inside the State of Israel itself and the Palestinian territories.

Público's Eugenio García Gascón wrote an article about the issue, published on Wednesday, March 30, 2011, under the title Kipot y uniformes (Kipot and uniforms). The journalist describes how religious Jews are taking the control over the State of Israel, putting Yoram Cohen as an example. On what grounds did Eugenio García Gascón base his theory? Yoram Cohen usually wears a kippah (whose plural form is kippot). This means Yoram Cohen is a religious Jew, and for Eugenio García Gascón this is enough to think that "a doubt concerning his professional behaviour will always exist."

He also wrote that many appointments recently made in Israel fell on religious Jews, as well as there are many religious military high commanders. On these grounds he argues that Israel is becoming a more nationalistic and religious country.

Well, he seems to forget that, in spite of the presence of religious Jews in Israel, Israel's Supreme Court sentenced against imposed gender segregation in mehadrin buses, used precisely by religious Jews; that Israeli homosexual couples are granted the right to adopt children and take paternity or maternity leaves, being the homosexuality a sin according precisely to the Jewish religious law or halakha; that religious Jews can be arrested for having committed hate crimes based precisely on religious laws; and that in Israel there is a free press legally able to criticize precisely religious Jews.

Please notice that the aforementioned facts happened during the last years, being Israel under Netanyahu-led coalition Government, usually portrayed as too much nationalistic, too much religious and of a right-wing extremist nature by the Spanish media. So, is there a regression in Israel, as Eugenio García Gascón literally wrote? Should we be alert, as he recommends us?

Should somebody tell Público's journalist that protraying Yoram Cohen as he did just because the new Shabak chief usually wears a kippah is an anti-Semitic argument in nature?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

An analysis of the vocabulary and the images used by the Spanish media regarding Israel.

On Tuesday, March 22, 2011, an article by Ana Carbajosa was published by Spanish daily El País. Ana Carbajosa is El País' correspondent in Jerusalem, which is Israel's capital, though the newspaper she works for still denies this fact by intentionally indicating that Israel's capital city is Tel Aviv.
But now it's time to focus on the vocabulary and the images used by the Spanish anti-Israeli media, and the aforementioned article will be used here as a good example of media bias against the Jewish State.

Firstly, the article is titled as follows: El ejército israelí mata a ocho palestinos, dos de ellos menores, en Gaza, i.e., Israeli army kills eight Palestinians, two of them being minors, in Gaza. And secondly, it's subtitled as follows: "Más de una veintena de palestinos, varios de ellos jóvenes, han resultado heridos durante el ataque a consecuencia de una serie de ataques perpetrados por el ejército", i.e., "More than twenty Palestinians, several of them being youths, have been injured during the attack as a consequence of a series of attacks perpetrated by the army".

Both the title and the subtitle deliberately omit Israel's main reason to attack: Palestinian attacks intentionally directed against Israeli civilians by launching rockets from the Gaza Strip. It's also deliberately omitted that among those killed there were three Palestinian terrorists who were firing from densely populated areas, a fact which could confirm Israel's claim of being attacked by them and the use of local non-combatants as human shields and civilian infrastructures as bases for their operations.
The Palestinian attacks against Israel, the dead terrorists and their tactics are mentioned within the main body of the article, but taking into account that the title is written in bold and in bigger letters and the subtitle is just under it, as well as they're the first part to be read, they claim the attention of the reader firstly and thus condition his or her perception of what has happened: a supposed Israeli attack against Palestinian civilians or at least without consideration for them.

Furthermore, the terms "terrorist", "terrorists" or "terrorism" are not used regarding the members of Palestinian terrorist groups or the groups themselves. The two Palestinian terrorist groups mentioned in this case are Islamic Jihad and Hamas, which are referred to by their names or as "Palestinian armed groups" or simply "armed groups". Hamas is also referred to as an "Islamist movement".
The terrorists are referred to as "militiamen".

In order to avoid doubts about Israel's veiledly alleged vileness among the readers and to erase those facts which could be used to defend Israel's claims from their minds, it's told precisely in the last paragraph that Israel's invasion of the Gaza Strip, early in 2009, left 1,400 Palestinians dead.
Facts which could be used to defend Israel's claims regarding what really happened during the 2008-2009 Gaza War, such as statements by a spokesperson of Hamas admitting the use of human shields as well as confirming Israel's death toll of Palestinian terrorists killed (about 700, an estimation initially denied by Hamas), as well as the increasing of Palestinian rocket and mortar attacks against Israel in spite of the 2005 Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, are not mentioned.

Finally, the picture shown next to the article shows a dead Palestinian child's body, which is claimed to have been "murdered" by an Israeli tank. Please notice that the verb "murder" is used referring to an intentional, premeditated and illegal killing, and in this case there is no evidence enough supporting such a claim; it seems to have happened rather the opposite, i.e., an unintentional, unpremeditated killing, whose legal consequences should affect the terrorists who fired from a densely populated area.
Meanwhile, not a single picture showing the intentionally sought adverse effects of the Palestinian rocket attacks against Israeli civilians is shown to El País' readers.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Is Antonio Gala an anti-Semite?

Antonio Gala is surely one of the most renowned Spanish writers, with works such as Petra regalada, Samarkanda or La pasión turca, among many others.

But he doesn't only write novels, poems or scripts, but also opinion articles to be published by Spanish daily El Mundo. And, as Libertad Digital reported on Wednesday, March 16, 2011, one of his last ideas consisted of using the human and national tragedy Japan is currently living to target Israel.

Gala explained in his article about what he calls the "human fleas" that "lessons such as the earthquake and the tsunami in Japan should teach them other kinds of behaviour: unity in the face of helplessness, generosity, (...). But they don't learn." And then he writes about Israel in this manner: "So we see Israel there, the most racist country, going back to Gaza after the fright."

This is not the first time he targets Israel or even the Jews. In an article published on February 5, 2009 by El Mundo, he explained that "the Jewish people will succumb again. Like it happened many times: pogroms, voluntary or unvoluntary ghettos, extermination, persecutions, expulsions,... From Egypt to Sepharad, from Canaan to Zion: all of them promised lands. Shouldn't they ask themselves why does always happen the same to them? Or is the rest of the world wrong?"

Spanish journalist David Gistau answered Gala through an article published on February 8, 2009 by El Mundo. He wrote that Gala's "reasoning makes Hitler an executor arm of a hate morally justified by a majority", as well as "we should ask Gala whether he would apply the same logic to (...) understand other persecutions (...). For example, those which were suffered by homosexuals."

Did Gala react to Gistau's argument by apologizing to the Jews? No, he didn't. On March 5, 2009, another article written by Gala was published by El Mundo. The Spanish writer explained about the Jews that: "Always the same: or persecuted or persecutors. Or both things at the same time."

I'll not insult anybody's intelligence by explicitly answering the question which serves as the title of this article since I think you can do it by yourselves easily.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spanish society surveyed about international issues.

The Real Instituto Elcano surveyed 1,200 people in Spain between October 28 and November 10, 2010, regarding international issues. When it comes to rate different countries in a 0 to 10 scale, the results are the following:

1.- Brazil: 6.
2.- Germany: 5.9.
3.- France: 5.8.
4.- United States: 5.7.
5.- Argentina: 5.6.
6.- Chile: 5.3.
6.- Venezuela: 5.3.
8.- Russia: 4.7.
9.- Cuba: 4.6.
10.- China: 4.5.
11.- Turkey: 4.4.
12.- Israel: 4.1.
13.- Morocco: 3.9.
14.- Iran: 3.

Russia, Cuba and China are considered Not Free by Freedom House's Freedom of the World report of 2010, while Venezuela and Turkey are considered Partly Free and Israel is considered Free by the same report. But in spite of these facts, Israel is rated worse than Venezuela, Russia, Cuba, China and Turkey by the Spanish society.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Does a Spanish intelligentsiya exist, properly speaking?

Through an article by Lucía Villa published on Público's official website on Monday, February 7, 2011, a video has been presented in support of a campaign for a new Gaza flotilla, called Ship to Gaza (translated into Spanish as Rumbo a Gaza). The video shows Spanish celebrities such as Alberto San Juan, Guillermo Toledo, Wyoming, Juan Diego Boto and Melanie Olivares, among others. They mainly come from the so-called mundo de la cultura (literally, culture world), which encompasses personalities from sectors like the TV, the cinema or the literature.

In other words: celebrities. Celebrities who serve as useful idiots (as Bernard-Henri Lévy portrayed those who joined the last Gaza flotilla on behalf of the I.H.H. through an article I'll translate soon) for a cause related to the Arab-Israeli conflict, whose history and characteristics they surely don't even know (as they demonstrate by their own words, repeating myths proven historically wrong on this blog), but who don't hesitate to present themselves as a moral authority on humanitarian issues (and they're often accepted as such by the public opinion and the mainstream media).

Well, or that's what they pretend to be. Because we've been presented individuals in that video such as Spanish actor Willy Toledo, who justifies the Cuban dictatorship and portrayes a non-violent anti-Castro activist as a common criminal.

Independent documentary filmmaker Maital Guttman managed to explain all of this and more here. Why don't we the Spaniards have such an example of real (and, by the way, beautiful) intelligentsiya?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Indoctrination in schools.

Two Galician associations known as Cosal and Buserana will adhere to the Rumbo a Gaza (Ship to Gaza) campaign, officially intended to send another flotilla to the Gaza Strip. They'll also try to gain public support through "informative" activities in schools. Chicha Martínez, member of both of the associations, explained in Cee's municipal plenary room that an agreement was reached in order to perform their activities in schools of Corcubión, Cee and Muxía municipalities, and that the number of schools to visit will grow during the next days.
Martínez's conference in Cee's municipal plenary room was completed with a documentary about the Gaza flotilla stopped by the Tzahal the night between Sunday, May 30, and Monday, May 31, 2010.

First of all, sending another flotilla to the Gaza Strip would be opposed to U.N.R.W.A.'s official policy. Martin Nesirsky, a U.N. spokesperson, explained last July that even the U.N.R.W.A. considers that routes for supplies to enter by land through Israel's border are well established, and that those routes are the way to send the humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip.
Secondly, it should be noted that the last Gaza flotilla seemed to be an act of provocation rather than a humanitarian campaign, if we attend to the proofs that demostrate the pre-planned violence by the activists and I.H.H.'s ties with international terrorism.
Finally, we must ask ourselves about the supposed democratic and legal legitimacy of the arrangement between the aforementioned Galician associations and Corcubión's, Cee's and Muxía's municipal authorities. This is not about teaching schoolchildren lessons on universal human values, democracy or ethics. What Cosal and Buserana associations are trying to do is to gain support by indoctrinating kids into an specific political ideology.
It would be like entering those schools and preach ideological principles of a political party. And it wouldn't be the first time this happens regarding Israel and the Palestinians. In 2010, the Israeli Embassy in Madrid received anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic postcards sent by six to nine-year-old Spanish schoolchildren. The school in which those kids were studying belongs to Amnesty International's school network.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Jerusalem Post on WikiLeaks revelations regarding Spain.

The Jerusalem Post published two articles on WikiLeaks revelations regarding Spain. Both of the now available cables corroborate two main challenges Spanish authorities must meet:
a) A severe problem of anti-Semitism does exist in Spain.