Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Manuel Tapial suggests to denounce me for threats.

Please watch the image below. Marked as #1 we can read a comment with a link to an article of my own. Manuel Tapial's answer (marked as #2) consisted of suggesting to denounce me because I threatened him due to my coverage of some of his activities.

The truth is that I never threatened the Spanish activist to commit a punishable offense against him or to hurt him in any way. I just monitored part of his publicly proclaimed activism (particularly on Facebook), just as he can do the same to me. But, could he have committed a punishable offense? Oh, yes, he could.
Article 510.1 of the Spanish Penal Code bans incitement to discrimination, hate or violence against groups or associations on the grounds of, among others, the national origins of those groups and associations. Such an action can consist of boycotting goods just because those who provide them are Israeli citizens, according to a sentence by the European Court of Human Rights of the Council of Europe. And such boycotts are constantly being proposed by Manuel Tapial.

So, Manuel Tapial would be more afraid of the Spanish Penal Code than I am.


  1. I collected information about his public pro-Palestinian activism; he wrote that such a coverage could be some sort of threat against him by me, so his lawyers would be aware of my comments on him.
    According to such an idea, Kristin Halvorsen could also have denounced you...

    By the way, Happy New Year, Christian!

  2. Actually somebody denounced us to the Foreign Minister's blog! Some well meaning citizen actually wrote in and asked if the government was aware of the existence of this "horrible little propaganda site".

    So your guy feels it is ok for him to be a political activist, but not for other people to comment on his views. That's nice.

    Happy new year Midtskogen!