Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Manuel Tapial has come back to Facebook.

Manuel Tapial's Facebook account has been reopened, and the Spanish activist is still campaigning against the Jewish State. This time he protested against Españoles en el mundo, a TV programme broadcasted by La 1 (the first national public TV channel). This programme deals with Spaniards leaving abroad, and on Tuesday, December 7, 2010, Jerusalem (i.e., Israel's capital) was the chosen place (among those interviewed, Sal Emergui). Manuel Tapial protested against the public TV channel as follows (text marked as #1, translated as accurate as possible, between quotation marks):
"ashamed of TVE [Televisión Española, the national public television], the public one, because of the programme Españoles en el Mundo... the vision on Jerusalem gave by them is unacceptable. The conclusion of the programme is that everybody can go to Israel except its historical inhabitants, the Palestinians!"

Maybe Manuel Tapial should have been learnt History in order to know that the Jews have been living in the place today known as the State of Israel since several thousands of years, when the Palestinian Arabs weren't already existing. This is also applicable to the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, but let the activist sleep tonight; after all, he seems to need it if we take into account what he wrote just eleven minutes before the upper image was captured ("physically disconnected").
By the way, I watched the programme, and it wasn't politically biased neither against Israel nor against the Palestinians, just because it wasn't politically biased.

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