Friday, June 4, 2010

Israel's Ambassador to Spain, Raphael Schutz, speaks Spanish better than laSexta's journalists.

During the night between Sunday, May 30, and Monday, May 31, 2010, the so-called Gaza flotilla was raided by Israeli military personnel. Proximately I'll write about the issue here, but now I'll exemplify how Spanish press is capable of distorting reality.
Israel's Ambassador to Spain, Raphael Schutz, was interviewed by El Periódico de Catalunya's journalist Pilar Santos regarding the aforementioned Israeli raid. During the interview, the journalist said: "There have been nine deads." This was Schutz's answer:

"Yes, nine people have died in that act. But 155 died in a terrorist attack in India last week. Who does care? Have you heard something about it? Twenty-three Spaniards have died in the roads last weekend."

Of course, laSexta Noticias' reaction was an article in its official website under this title: "Sí, nueve personas han muerto. ¿A quién le importa?" ("Yes, nine people have died. Who does care?").
Well, it seems that laSexta Noticias' journalists have more problems trying to understand Spanish than an foreign Ambassador, in this case from Israel. Because it's evident that what Schutz tried to make clear is the hypocrisy shown by those who have been supporting Gaza flotilla's cause for the last days, including laSexta Noticias itself; because, as Schutz stated, the nine people killed aboard Mavi Marmara, almost for sure after having tried to harm Israeli soldiers' lives, are more important for those supporters than the 155 innocent people murdered in a terrorist attack in India.
And by the way, Schutz has apologized for his statements; but laSexta Noticias hasn't published anything about it yet.

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