Saturday, November 27, 2010

Manuel Tapial's Facebook account has been disabled.

1 & 2.- Facebook has decided to close Manuel Tapial's account. Marked as #1 we can read the address of his account, while marked as #2 we can read as follows:
"The requested page couldn't be found."

3, 4, 5 & 6.- An event has been created in Facebook in order to support Manuel Tapial. Its title and one of the explanatory texts (marked as #3 and #4) read as follows:
"In favor of the reactivation of Manuel Tapial's Facebook account."
There are two other texts, marked as #5 and #6, which respectively read as follows:
"It has been 35 years since fascism died along side with Franco or this is what we think. We have overcome repression and censorship. We demand Facebook to adhere to democracy and to reactivate Manuel Tapial’s account."
"This is a virtual event. When you confirm your attendance you are declaring yourself in favor of freedom of ideas and the ability to show solidarity with those who do not have a voice, in this case, Manuel Tapial, activist and defender of Human Rights."
These texts are also available in Spanish and Arabic.

7 & 8.- A Facebook page has been created in order to support the activist, under the title Against censorship of Human Rights. Manuel Tapial Come Back. The text marked as #7 reads as follows:
"Those who pretend to shut up the voices of the defenders of the Palestinian People will must use other methods but they won't succeed because We Are Decided to denounce DAY AFTER DAY the serious violations of Human Rights and International law committed by the Terrorist State of Israel."
The photo marked as #8 shows Spanish activists Manuel Tapial (left) and Laura Arau (right) during a demonstration (presumably against Israel).

Now I'll ask those who are reading this article just a simple question. Could be the decision by Facebook to disable Manuel Tapial's account considered unjust or illegal when the activist has sistematically shown attitudes such as those collected here, here and here? Please notice that these attitudes are forbidden by Facebook.

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