Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Spanish press about the Operation Pillar of Cloud (II).

On Tuesday, November 20th, 2012, El País published an article by Ana Carbajosa under the title El sur de Israel pide mano dura (Southern Israel asks for firm hand). This time we can read this:

"Running towards bomb shelters has almost been the only routine in Ashkelon during these days. Here, like in the rest of Southern Israel, life was broken last Wednesday, when the targeted killing of Hamas' military chief started an intense launching of Palestinian rockets. (...) [Ashkelon's] (...) 130,000 inhabitants have been living under the danger posed by rockets for years."

It's easy to observe an inherent contradiction within this paragraph. First it is written that the targeted killing of Ahmed Jabari "started an intense launching of Palestinian rockets" which made the life in Southern Israel to be "broken", when later it is written that Ashkelon residents have been being attacked  with rockets "for years". These two ideas are necessarily incompatible, being only the second the right one.

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