Monday, April 12, 2010

More lies about Israel are told.

Spanish daily Público has published an article by Eugenio García Gascón about the hunger strike of Palestinian prisoners under Israeli custody, and also about a new Israeli law. Excerpts from the article below (translated as accurate as possible, between quotation marks):

"Israeli penitentiary authorities have sanctioned tens of Palestinian prisoners, which are considered responsible for the three-day hunger strike the inmates have called for. The first day of this protest has taken place on April 7, and the two remaining days will be 17 and 27 of this month. The measures of punishment affect inmates of several centres, including 36 prisoners from Damun, a prison located near Haifa.

The suspected leaders of the strike, in which more than 7,000 prisoners has taken part, have been punished with measures such as being not allowed to go to the playground during just one hour on a day and the prohibition of buying in the prison store, as well as of corresponding their families. The inmates have responded through threatening to increase the protests, which they're carrying out to improve their quality of life.

The Palestinian inmates demand a package of measures such as unrestricted visits (also for the prisoners natives to the Gaza Strip), the inmates being allowed to take graduation exams, and putting an end to the isolation of prisoners as a punishment, a widely used measure. They also ask for unrestricted access to medical attention, and putting an end to collective punishments against all of the prison population."

I'm not an expert on penitentiary discipline, but as far as I'm concerned, in all countries around the world punishments like isolation are applied to prisoners who take part in acts of disobedience. Maybe some of the measures applied by Israel are wrongful ones, but many others are perfectly justified.
Indeed, we must take into account that Israel is at war. The measures applied by a country against its enemies during wartime are not those which are applied during peacetime. In the Israeli case, those prisoners responsible for terrorist activities are not only criminals, but enemies of the State during wartime, too. And during wartime, enemies of the State (even those who are not considered criminal offenders) are subjected to a more strict incarceration regime.
Exempli gratia, Luftwaffe pilots shot down over the United Kingdom during the Battle of Britain (thus enemies of the State during wartime) were imprisoned during years before being released, without being allowed to meet their relatives.

Público's article also deals with a new law which allows the Israeli authorities to expel from the West Bank those who have not a permit to be there issued by those authorities. The information regarding this issue is summarized inside the article as follows: "The order turn many Palestinians into infractors of the law", thus trying to tell its readers that the new law is primarily intended to expel Palestinians from their land.
What is not told is that this law has been passed in order to act against non-Palestinians. As written yesterday by Spanish journalist and blogger Jorge Marirrodriga:

"Israel has passed new legislation which, apparently, will take effect tomorrow, Tuesday, and which will allow to deport those who are in the West Bank illegaly. The N.G.O.'s which work there have made a fuss through accusing Israel of taking an unprecedented apartheid measure because such a measure theoretically could be applied to the Palestinians. Theoretically and could be.

Don't let them deceive us. That measure will actually be applied to the legion of ngoers that live at the expense of the other people's money in the name of the Palestinian cause, and that instead of dedicating themselves to help their fellow men and women they dedicate themselves to politically attack Israel. These ones are those who will be kicked out with the new legislation."

Marirrodriga ends his article talking about the collusion of those ngoers and the media to politically attack Israel, exploiting the fact that Israel has passed a new law: "The perfect alibi."


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