Monday, May 3, 2010

Another anti-Semitic joke by Dani Mateo.

New Dani Mateo's anti-Semitic joke was made a few days ago in the same space of the same TV programme of the same TV channel. This time it happened in the following way.
The presenter talked about an Israeli journalist who, according to Mateo, made a joke about topics related to Spaniards, Irish and Greeks. This explanation was followed by fabricated attempts to talk with a Spaniard, an Irishman and a Greek (in fact, members of the TV show) who were not able to talk with the presenter. Then Mateo said that they also failed to talk with the Israeli journalist, because the programme refused to pay him for the interview.
Maybe that Israeli journalist, if he really exists and made that joke, should have been more cautious when speaking about Spaniards taking siestas or drunk Irish, but offending the Jewish people due to the actions of just one of them is not the adequate response.

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