Saturday, October 2, 2010

Was Spanish activist Manuel Tapial shot?

According to an article published in El cooperante tiroteado Manuel Tapia[l] presentará la película 'Vals con Bashir' (The shot activist Manuel Tapia[l] will present the film 'Waltz with Bashir'). The truth is that Manuel Tapial was not shot when the Mavi Marmara was raided by the Tzahal.
Again, the Gaza flotilla has been defined as a "humanitarian aid flotilla for the Palestinians", in spite of the proofs against the activists and the lack of evidence against the Israeli soldiers who assaulted the vessels.

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  1. israel is to many a country in beta..always being tested and held to a different level of behavior.
    Nonjews arent sure yet if the jews deserve a country,while nonjews ave 42 countries in 3 continents and arabs ave 11 ..but jews must act as any oter country acts,no more no less.jews cannot do things others wouldnt do.
    In tis case of the flotilla,israel acted spain every week boats try to enter illegally with immigrants wo want a better life but they are blocked and returned. if they shot at the spanish navy(and this has never happened) te spanish navy would defend itself as a military should..