Thursday, October 28, 2010

Público on others' double standard, but not on its own double standard.

Público has published an article by Daniel Basteiro, correspondent in Brussels, on Wednesday, October 27, 2010, under the title El doble rasero de Bruselas (Brussels' double standard). The article deals with what Público perceives as a double standard by the European Union regarding its human rights policies, which are not as harsh with China, Myanmar, Honduras, Morroco, the United States, Russia and Mexico as with Cuba. The article relies on statements made by left-wing Members of the European Parliament and an Amnesty International official, who attribute E.U.'s attitudes to the economic ties with countries like Morroco and China and the fact that the right-wing parties hold a majority in the European Parliament.
Maybe this Público's denounce is correct, but the reality is that it fails to denounce its own double standard when it comes to one country: the State of Israel. Just read here, here, here, here and here to understand what I'm referring to.

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  1. first thank you .we have left facebook completely. we found it to be unidirectional.few read the comments and just share their comments so we will stay on blogger but no more facebook.
    second,you are right about the double standard.Many see my country of israel as in beta.a still testing country.its up to israels to see ourselves as on the map as is the usa and spain.the double standard is what caused hitler and israels first idea to form its own military and not depend on the usa was is correct.withoutit,israel would be today nothing more than a european country .most countries in europe ave weak militaries and must depend on the usa to back them. israel can do it alone..ashem