Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic expressions on the Internet.

Norway, Israel and the jews commented once on a debate forum in Spanish supplied by Yahoo. This forum deals with the Arab-Israeli conflict (there are other forums relating to many other issues, such as the ruling of Venezuela by Hugo Chávez, the Cuban dictatorship, religion, crime in Spain, and so on, supplied by Yahoo, too). Currently the forum has just a few members debating about the Arab-Israeli conflict, mostly against Israel. Well, regardless of the number of members, most of them always were against Israel.
These are just a few examples of what was written there (translations are provided between quotation marks, as accurate as posible, including spelling mistakes):
1.- "i think israel is a monster being feed by its god the united states and its crimes are backed by the yankee empire of the multinationals which support israel's genocides and while there are thousands of people with no food the sons of bitches waste money in weapons and contracts with those who commit genocide (this for the united states) barack obama gives millions of dollars to that damned country to kill children and women in gaza and the west bank.Strength from el salvador to HAMAS everybody against jewish fascism and its yankee father!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
2.- "Rafaeli demonstrates the taliban-israeli persecution against anyone who doesn't adjust to its mesianic militaristic vision of the reality of that nation. As the talibans destroying Buda statues they're chasing pacifists and those who profess other religions and believes. zionist neo-nazism is even repudiated by so many jews of the USA. In Israel they have to run away from the fanatism and the reprisals."
3.- "hello everybody. it's easy to listen the voices of a state who considers itself democratic, which declares itself the only democracy in an arab vacuum. this is another of the great zionist lies. israel is not a democracy, it's a theocracy.
the religious ones don't allow the creation of a constitution, because israel's laws can't be written by men, only by god.
gentlemen, switch off and let's go."

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