Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spanish anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic attitudes are mentioned by an Israeli newspaper.

Criticism came from The Jerusalem Post, under the title "The Spanish disease". These are just a few examples of anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic incidents in Spain:
1.- The so-called Russell Tribunal on Palestine, which held its sessions in Barcelona. The Israeli Embassy in Spain has compared it with a Ku Klux Klan tribunal against a black person.
2.- Those postcards which were sent by Spanish schoolchildren to the Israeli Embassy in Spain with messages such as "Jews kill for money", "Leave the country to the Palestinians" and "Go somewhere they will accept you".
3.- Israeli Ambassador to Spain, Raphael Schutz, was verbally assaulted when returning from a soccer match with his wife. They had to listen things like "Dirty Jew" and "Jew bastard". Fortunately, they were being escorted by police officers.
4.- The 1492 Spanish Jews' expulsion by the Catholic Monarchs, Queen Isabella I of Castilla and King Ferdinand II of Aragón.
5.- During Francisco Franco's fascist dictatorship, the Jews were subjected to the communist and Judeo-Masonic conspiracy theories.

How to deal with this atmosphere of both anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic attitudes in Spain? According to The Jerusalem Post, it's clear that Israeli Ambassador to Spain, Raphael Schutz, will not be able to "brave it alone." But even the best public diplomacy "will not eradicate ingrained Spanish anti-Semitism. That's a challenge for Spain to meet."

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